GoPros Are Useless Without A Gimbal or Stabilizer

Of course, here I talk about situations where you want to film regular videos like holding the GoPro or action camera you use in the hand and film yourself or make a vlog. Whenever you make a film using a harness, or with the GoPro or action camera attached to your body, you obviously cannot use a gimbal. But in every other case, I strongly believe you should use a gimbal or at least some kind of camera stabilizer if your budget doesn’t allow you more.

Why use a gimbal you ask? The short answer is for stabilization and way better results in terms of the resulting videos.

The importance of using a gimbal is closely related to the quality of the videos you will end up producing. Have you ever watched unstabilized videos and felt like closing the film right away? That’s everyone’s reaction because unstabilized videos are hard to watch by the human watch. People appreciate focusing on certain objects and people a lot and a gimbal or stabilizer does just that. It helps you focus on the things that matter in your videos.

Now I am aware that most people who are using GoPros or action cameras, in general, are neither professional video makers nor professional extreme sportsmen. However if you really care about the results and whether other people would be able to enjoy your videos, use a gimbal whenever you can. Also, there are a lot of useful resources on the internet on how to use an action camera for example so you get the best results.

Gimbals are generally pricey, and it is true that when I started filming action videos, this was a huge problem for me as I had limited funds, and at that time the GoPro gimbal market was not as developed as it is today, so the gimbal usually cost as much as the camera itself. Wait, if you do not already own a GoPro or other action camera, this guide is pretty much useless, so here are some tips on how to choose your next action camera.

What I advise you to do in this case is to start shooting some videos, see how the results are and from there decide whether you need to invest in one taking in consideration your field of activity. For example, I was shooting beach videos and various activities in the sea, like riding the banana that takes you further in the depth of the sea and drops you several times. I uploaded that footage to YouTube and to my surprise, some video licensing company was interested in the video very short after.

So if you don’t have the resources yet, shoot as much video as possible using the resources you already have, edit them the best you can and upload it to all the major social media outlets so you can gain some grip in this flooded market. I don’t say it’s easy but that’s the only way to start beside getting a loan or something like that which I would not recommend 🙂

Most quality gimbals are in the range of 200 to 300 US dollar although there are some cheaper yet shittier versions like Feiyu which are about 150 dollars. I would recommend the more expensive ones like the Evo GP, or anything from this article covering good quality GoPro gimbals and stabilizers. Otherwise, you will end up with something that will break in a month or two and you will only get frustrated. That is why I always choose quality before price.