Action Cameras Worth Buying in 2017

Some of the best footage I shot was on action cameras, to be honest. I primarily use a GoPro Hero but I did happen to get my hands of a bunch of other brands that did a really good job too.

Here are the action camera brands that I enjoyed the most.

  • GoPro Session and Hero 5

GoPro still remains the king of the industry even with all the new competition. It’s true that other brands catch up faster than ever, but GoPro is still the best in my opinion.

  • Sony Action Cameras (FDR-X1000V)

I think after GoPro Sony is the second best manufacturer of action cameras. I actually had two Sony action cameras the FDR-X1000V, and the Sony AS50. The first one I still use to this day and I am very happy with the results.

  • Tom Tom Bandit

I didn’t have the chance to try one of Tom Tom’s action cameras yet, but from what I have researched, Tom Tom is actually a surprisingly good brand for action cameras especially with the Tom Tom Bandit.

  • Garmin Virb

I liked most of the things Garmin had to offer in their action camera, although the quality of the recording didn’t really impress me. I don’t say it wasn’t good, but I still prefer the Sony and GoPro on this matter.

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